Monday, December 20, 2010

He and the dentist

My autistic son had an appointemtn this morning with the dentist.
He wasn't looking forward to it and he was tryng to get the appointment cancelled. I told him that the costs are now insured and not anymore after january 1 and so I wanted him to pay the costs himself when he missed this appointment.
He didn't say much, but yesterday evening he asked who was coming with him.

His father couldn't go to work because of the trafficproblems and he said he'd go with him.

This morning I expected the usual todoo when he has to leave, but I think he was distracted by the snow, because they went without too much fuzz.

An hour later they came home.

Everything went well. All he had was a stiff jaw and the orders not to eat for an hour.

He asked if he was allowed a cola and as a joke I told him that he couldn't drink a cola for a year. I'm not at all in favor of giving sweets or softdrinks as a compliment.
He took some water and sat down, talking about what had happened.
It sure had made an impression because he told the same facts over and over again.

Later in the day he started to doubt my statement about cola and he decided it had been a good joke.

I'm glad he shows signs of growing up and independence.
Wouldn't it be great whe he was less of a problem for himself?


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