Monday, December 6, 2010

Good to know

People are facing all sorts of problems with this weather.

A friend of us was waiting for someone who would fix the lock of her shed.
The key got stuck and after a lot of calls she finally managed to make an appointment for today to get it fixed.

But because of the ice on the roads she had to leave early to get her kids from school.

I was talking here with one of the children who was home from school already when my friend called and asked me to come to her place and wait for the repairman.

Ofcourse I went there.

When the guy came we had a talk and I was able to ask some questions about his work.
We always fix the locks ourselves.

Not only will calling to the house owner result in work for him, the lock will be paid too.

Good to know in a time like this.

He was already gone when my friend and her kids came home.

I could surprise her with three new keys instead of two, saving at least 8 euro.

Sometimes happy things happen.


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