Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Today we went to hospital because both my autistic son and I needed an x-ray.
We had to walk through the neighbourhood, because of the enormous amount of snow.
When we arrived at the main road I was surprised it was in such a bad state. Still snow on it.

When we arrived at the hospital we found the same situation.

We had to wait a little bit, but that didn't matter.

At a certain moment I turned my head and saw two of our best friends walk in.
So we had a good time talking and now and then someone was called in for photos.
People were often called back, but they kept my son in his little room. Maybe it took him too much time to dress and undress.

I had to come back twice!
When my friend was supposed to go in the equipment broke down.

My autistic son went with his father to town to get his new ID and I stayed there.
The repairman arrived soon after that and then it was my friend's turn to get her x-rays.

When we came outside it was snowing again.
But I was lucky to be invited to go home with car.

What a luxury!!


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