Thursday, December 23, 2010

Finally good assessment

Today I finally went with my autistic son to the doc of internal medicine.

After doctors telling me for so many years there's no problem and when he got obese that the problem would solve itself, we had a psychiatrist who said he would refer us.
He never did. We remembered him a lot of time about his promiss to realise a referral, and over and over again he said he would, but he never did.

Then my son was old enough to leave there and care was transferred to another psychiatrist.
I asked him to arrange a referral, and he immediately did.
We talked about the issue and I said I also wanted a scan of my son't brains, to exclude or signal any problems in the pituitary and/or hypothalamic area.

Today we had to struggle our way through the snow.
It felt like being on a polar expedition.
We were so happy to arrive at the busstation.
The roads were white and dangerous, so it took half an hour longer to reach our destination.

My son was lucky to get such nice doctors.
He got a very thorough examination, they took their time to make a good anamnesis, and they even took the time for a case conference before they sat down and unfolded their plans.

Bloodwork, mainly to exclude some rare but serious diseases.
Next week a test to establish or exclude Cushing disease.
An MRI to establish or to exclude pituitary and/or hypothalamic problems.
Under normal circumstances the doc did that last, but in this case she wants it done asap

After that a meeting to see what is found.

Finally something contructive is done!!

Outside the hospital it was very cold and we waited 40 minutes for a bus that never arrived, then we took another one to town and got a good bus home.
Trains had come to a stop.

When I came home I was completely exhausted.
Next monday my own doc is working again and I'll be his first patient. I can hardly keep those lungproblems under control at the moment. Waiting for such a long time in the cold was not good.


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