Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Curly kale

Curly kale the way I make it.

Peel potatoes and cook them with some salt and a tiny bit of pepper.

Wash curly kale.
Use only the ones that hasve been on the fields during a night of frost, because that gives the right taste.

Slice kurly kale in tiny bits, put them in a pan with a bit of water, tiny bit of salt and a teaspoon or two with mustard.

Cook it all.

Slice smoked bacon in little pieces and bake it.
When it starts to become glassy, add water to absorb the taste in more volume.

When the potatoes and kale are cooked, take a large pan or bowl and mix them together.

Take a bit aside for people who don't want meat.
Put a piece of butter through the mash and make them happy.

For the others:

Add the bacon to the mash and just enough moisture of the bacon not to make soup of the mash.
Add sausages and put those under the mash.
Let it rest for about 15 minutes.

In the meantime tell everyone you've made the best in the world and complain about the cold outside.

Take the sausages out and slice them.

Present the food with the sausage aside or in the middle.

Have a nice meal.


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