Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I thought I'd escaoed the dance, but no.

Last week I had a serious asthma attack that made me call the doc and ask for a nebulator instead of an inhaler.
I was lucky to have someone around to fetch it from the pharmacy.

I'm not a kind of panick person, so all the way I stayed calm, and afterwards it turned out that not even all those who were at home realised that I was in real problems. Good.
No need to be busy with the emotions of others at a time like that.

The cold and damp weather hasn't helped, nor has the dry air inside the houses.
I try to control the climate in my house as much as possible, but the past time I've had so many appointments... and I can't tell others what to do in their offices and homes.

Well, all I can do now is use my meds, keep calm and hope it won't develop into someone worse.


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