Monday, December 13, 2010

Both 6!

It was crowded at the bus and I had to take a seat...lucky to have a seat,.. at the back of the bus.
Someone was coughing in my ear very loud and then she started to peel an orange.

As I', dealing with bronchitis and I'm hypersensitive to orange, I decided to take another place after the bus stopped and let people out.

Another owman must have thought the same, and so we sat together on the small bench.
Within a second we were talking and it was almost a pity she reached her destination.

"I have 6 children", she said, expecting a reaction of oh and ah.
"I have 6 children too", I smiled.

When she was out of the bus she looked up to me and gave me a big smile and a wave.

I'm sure I'll see her again.


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