Thursday, December 16, 2010

ballet and snow

Today we had to go to the balletperformance of one of the girls.

By the time I went upstairs to change the rain was falling not by bucket, but with wagonloads.
I just had a very short shower and jumped in my clothes, so I was downstairs 15 minutes later and by then it was snowing. I could hardy see the houses at the opposite side of the road.

Walking to the busstation was kind of tricky, as it wasn't freezing enough to make the snow. I took my walking stick with me without any feeling of shame or regret, because it saved my life three times.

In the centre of town the weather was as badm, but the pavements close beside the buildings were not slippery.

We arrived just in time.

The performance was great and it was nice to see familiar faces.

Going home was as much a challenge as going to town, but we managed it without broken bones.

Tomorrow we need to go to hospital for a check up. Let's see what kind of weather it is at that time.


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