Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Baby sitting or teenager sitting?

I've done my fair share of baby sitting in the past.
Because there's always an older one here at home to watch the smaller ones, people thought it to be easy to ask me.

Grown ups baby sit for free, they think, so why ask a younger one?

They don't realise how much daily routine is broken here when I have to leave at the busiest time of the day to watch the kids of others.

I don't usually accept babysitting requests.
But I can't deal with a certain amount of begging and "I have no one else", and ofcourse it's nice for someone to be able to go out to dinner, so....

I think I'm far too understanding of others.

This week I was asked to watch the teenagers and a younger one of a friend.
I assumed the younger one would be put to bed efore the parents left, but I miscalculated.
I'm not expected after the dishes are done, but right in the middle of our dinner.
I heard it just a few momenst ago.

So much to the distress of my autistic son we suddenly have to eat earlier.
And I have to leave early too.

Problem is that I can't take my computer with me, so all I and planned for this evening needed to be done during the day or will be done during the night.
I'm kind of restless today, and I don't feel like sitting on the couch a whole evening waiting for a key to turn....


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