Friday, December 17, 2010


Asthma has been part of my life a long time.
It doesn't dictate me and I want it to stay it that way.

But last night I had a severe asthma/bronchitis attack, which lasted all night and morning.

Each day I take my meds at the same time. It's such a daily routine that I do it without thinking.
Most of the time taking these meds is enough to prevent problems, but I guess the cold and damp got to me. And going by bus, with all the germs, doesn't help either.

Anyway. I couldn't sleep and sat up coughing all night, and in the morning I even considered to call the doc. But it was snowing so much that I didn't want him to take the risk to come and I didn't want to go.
Knowing the hospital protocol I took the additional meds and when that was enough I took more.
Ofcourse I wrote down what I took, in case I needed to go to hospital anyway.

Then suddenly I was able to breathe more.... good.
Soon after the kids came down. Their vacation started today and they slept in.

All what's left is a headache. Which doesn't really bother me.

Again I feel very lucky.


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