Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Approaching 2011

Slowly we're approaching 2011.

Today we slept in, that means, the girls and I.
Their autistic brother went with his dad to the hospital to get some bloodworks done.

Last week I went with him to a, for him, new doctor of internal meds to get some things seen into. I'm curious what all the examinations will show.
I've been asking for this for many years and each and every psychiatrist thought it unnecessary, until the new one who agreed with me the very first meeting.

It's great to communicate with someone who is less ego and more directed to the patiƫnt.
My sons meds will be reviewed after the data are in, and we're all happy with that.

I'm glad my son doesn't mind to have his bloodworks done. No phantasies about needles finding their way in the body. LOL!

By the time they came back we were walking around and talking girly things.
Maybe we should take a whole day like that and put green and brown masks on each other's faces.

I'm dealing with the new/old diabetes meds myself as expected.
I've got the same headache as in the past, the same other side effects. I can deal with them.
During the day I measured my bloodglucose and even the results were as I expected.

I'm glad I feel so much better than last week and my lungs are so much friendlier. I can breathe fully again.

In the evening my second son came for a short visit to tell about photographing a wedding anniversary. Boy, he looked nice in his white shirt with black sweater.
Handsome guy!!!

We've been making a few plans for the change of years.
All will be either at home or visiting just before midnight, so we'll be all together.

To me it says something that my sons seek home at events like that.


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