Friday, December 24, 2010

Almost christmas

Last night it snowed another 15 cm's and it looks like it's going to snow again within an hour.
Never ever have we had so much snow.
In part of the country people just can't travel.

It's a problem to leave the neighbourhood here, so getting the groceries in is no fun at all.
Because my lungs are still not OK, I try to keep quiet. Yesterday set me back a great lot.
But I got the presents in.

Just a few moments ago the father of the children discovered it's the 24th not the 25th.
He thought he had still a complete day to get all his things done. Haha!
Without much words he rushed off.

One of the girls said Santa asked her to ask me what I would like to have for christmas. We both sat down and went to:
We saw a lovely canvas with 6 stockings. One can order names on those stockings.
And I also saw very nice pendants with a family on it. I would love to have one with only a mother and two children. I would engrave the names of my diseased children at the back.
Surfing through the site we found out that a whole section offers presents for whole families. Oh, do I love that train music box!

I'm now off to make the house smell after cinnamon. I just put some cinnamon sticks in water and bring it to the boil and the vapours go through the whole house.

Merry Christmas!!


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