Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Welcome visitor

With 4 boys I've had the pleasure of many friends at the door asking if the boys would come and play.
Some of the boys I've held in my arms when they were a baby, others came in our lives later.
They're a nice bunch of guys. Young men, who know how to have fun, but who are also seriously working at their future.

They inspire and motivate each other and I feel very proud they all have become such good and caring people.

Today on of them came to knock at the door to ask if we knew where one of the boys was.
He tried to phone him, but couldn't reach him.
He was worried so he came to us.

The problem was soon solved: my sons phone was broken. We knew that for sure.

We invited the friend in for coffee and had a good chat about plans for next year's summervacation.
He's the oldest and he's got some nice plans for them.
Because we were talking about them going by car I told him to check his insurance and ask quotes from different car insurance companies. As some of the group just recently got their lisence we suggested that going by train is an option as is taking one or two of the fathers with them to drive in turns.

It was a very good conversation and we all enjoyed it.

I'm sure he'll soon be here again for coffe and a chat.


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