Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Weightloss guaranteed forever

I'm sure there are many hidden secrets in our world.

No, I'm not talking about the news of last week that daily about 200 new species of animals are discovered in far away places.

No, I'm talking about weightloss and diet pills.

Take for example those lipofuze reviews.

Lipofuze guarantees that the lost weight will stay away forever.
I hope that doesn't mean that new weight will take it's place, because that would be a real disaster.
When losing weight for example sterogens are freed and the body gets rid of them. In the case of new weight those very same estrogens will be stored in the fatcells again, which is not what we want.

Before I've sproken about the mystery of replacing fat with muscles by a simple pill.
Apart from the fact that I won't be happy with the same volume of muscles at places where I want my fat gone forever, I wonder if a pill alone can do that.
OK, the pill is scientifically designed, it's said, but muscles without exercising?
I wish it would be true.
I would take a whole pot before going to sleep and I certainly would be happy in the morning... would I?

Belly fat would be gone and belly muscles would protest when I would try to fit the trousers I've kept for the time after I lost weight.
The three underchins of the woman in the street would be pure muscle. Me oh my.. I wonder what she can do with that.

Side effects are expected for those who are senstitive to caffeine. So when you are, be carefull and report to your doctor with irregular heartbeat and other side-effects you'll find on the package.

I hope we all will be slim by christmas... all christmasses when the promiss of eternal weightloss will be realised.
Reading this back... what do they mean?


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