Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Weight issues

The past months have been extremely stressful and as a result I've gained weight.

I know that at times I eat stress away, which I shouldn't, but irregular eating also was an issue.
Travelling takes a lot of time and results in new times for meals or even skipped meals, and even though I took sandwiches with me, keeping a strict eating schedule was difficult. And it is just that that helps me not to gain weight.

In an attempt to get my weight a bit more acceptable I've looked into ways to realise a better weight now or as soon as possible.
Maybe adding natural fat burners, I thought, to my daily attempts of eating healthy and exercising, would give just that extra bit of motivation to support myself to reach my goal: looking OK at christmas.

Being a bit hesitant because of costs, side effects, safety and long term effects, I didn't buy any product yet.

I haven't made a choice yet.
Reading that there are products that magically change fat into muscle makes me question my body image.

Do I really want to go the way of not accepting the way I look?


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