Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Vitamins when the r is in the month

Being a mom makes me responsible for the health of my children and to teach them to take over that responsibility while growing up.

There are several sources of information I use to guard their health and to stimulate it.

Ofcourse I observe them, give them healthy food, make them behave responsible so they'll go to bed in time, sleep enough, don't smoke, drink or enage in other risky behaviours.

And I keep an open mind to absorb the information about health in young people.

We're not a nation of people who love to take pills.
Supplements are only used when one is ill or the daily intake through regular food is impaired.
And we follow a rule: extra vitamins when the r is in the month.

So each september I look for the latest news in the field of vitamins and I make a choice for my family.
As taking each vitamin would take a handful of pills and not all of my family members would do that every day, I'm researching which are the best multivitamins for the individual family members. Not all have the same needs, so I feel it's a waste to give them something that will leave the body unused.

If necessary I work together with my family doctor on this.


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