Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Test week

The girls have their first week of tests at school.
It´s new for them to have only tests and no lessons.
The school decided that it was a nice preparation for the official examinations.

The intention is that the pupils will focuss on learning for these testst and on nothing else, but real life doesn´t work that way.
Ballet, music and other hobby/lessons, other appointment, etc etc. And there´s also family life.

For me a testweek is nothing special.
The boys had them in the past.
They reactions were different from those of the girls.

Some of the boys didn´t need repeating what they had seen before and consideren a testweek to be a kind of vacation.
Others emerged themselves in learning and sometimes almost forgot they had a second subject the next day.

The girls started preparing for this week weeks ago.
So we´re going through a rather relaxed afternoon and evening when they come back from school.

Waiting for the results is as stressful as ever for certain subjects.


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