Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Taking pills regularly

Some people make a real fuzz about taking pills.
I don't understand why.

Maybe it has to do with motivation.

I take my pills whenever it's necessary, mainly before going to bed, before brushing my teeth.
It has become a ritual and I had to put my pills in one of those boxes with the days on it, because it was such an automatic activity that sometimes I really had to think if I was remembering taking them from the day before or the present day.

So now I never ever forget to take my pills.

A few years ago a friend conducted some research and found out that women taking weight loss pills complained far less about taking pills than when they had to take other pills.
Weight loss is something which is very desired and which can be measured. So the direct effect motivates women to take those pills.

When you are one of the people who tend to forget your pills, take a lipstick and write a notice on the mirror.
Buy a box with small compartments for the days and put the box at a place where you find it at about the same time each day: so with the knives, for instance.
Be honest to yourself about why you need your pills. Your doctor won't mind explaining the benificial effects once again, so you know.

Good luck.


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