Thursday, November 4, 2010

Stop smoking

One of the responsibilities of parents is to make children aware of the risks of smoking and to keep them away of cigarettes and such as long as possible.

I've always thought that a good example would be as important as good information, so my children have never ever seen their parents smoke.
Even before smoking was banned from public buildings smoking was banned from my house.
I felt very sorry for my father and some friends, but alas, the health of my children was far more important than their addiction.

My father thought the same, even though he never stopped, he smoked outside or not at all during his visits to us. And at his own home he quit smoking inside as soon as my first child was born. No need to say anything.

I understand people experience difficulties when they want to stop smoking, but there are so many supportgroups and ways to help yourself that it can be done.

I've had some addicts in therapy in the past and do you know what helped them most?
To be aware that one tiny stick of paper with a few leaves is given the power to decide what you're doing and thinking.


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