Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A special day for autism awareness at november 1?

An organisation called for a social network silence to make people aware of how autistic people feel.

I know it's meant well, but promoting autism awareness that way creates a completely wrong understanding of autism.

Austism isn´t a lack of communication, is not living in a silent world.
Not at all.

One could say that autism is living in a world with too much communication and the autist receives too much information to sort it in such a way that he´s able to communicate like other people.

Many people with autism are hypersensitive to either sound or sight. Some are hypersentive to touch or taste.

Imagine you´re listening to normal conversation and you´re flashed in the eyes.
It takes a lot of effort to follow the conversation and you might even give up listening at all.

Organising a day at the social media while flashing lights on the sites from different unexpected angles, and-or generating sounds at random in time and place might provide a far better understanding of autistic perception of the world.


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