Thursday, November 4, 2010

Social City

I'd found a nice game online to divert my attention from daily life.
It also acted as a weight loss product, because it really got my attention in such a way that I forgot to eat something in the meantime.

The first levels were easy, but needed a lot of attention to keep the game going.
Now I'm at one of the higher levels I can make the game run itself for a while. If I want to even two complete days.

But the game won't load properly at the moment and their support desk turns out not to be very fast.

It's not as much the game that's nice which attracts me, but the fact that it's a social game.
I's nice to exchange gifts with other people and find new online friendships.

And it made me go through the bad time of having the flu in a rather easy way.
I don't like being in bed and not able to watch what's going on in the house.
So this worked fine for me.

As I'm not much of a gamer and real life has a lot more to offer and ask, I won't say it's trouble to get rid of my addiction.

In fact, there's a pile of vegetables waiting to be cleaned, sliced and cooked.
Let's see which recipes I want to use.


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