Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Today one of the girls came home with the photos which were made a few weeks ago at school.

Because they took one for her schoolpass we'd seen a small one, and it didn't look as well as the one of last year.

So it was quite a surprise that the larger photo turned out to be a perfect reflection of the person she now is.

Her face has turned a bit older and wiser and holding the new photo beside the old one shows that very clea.

So were were very happy with the photos.

The other girl is waiting for her set of photos.
Because she's in a different group now we miss the special moment of twins.

It's a pity these photos are so very expensive, especially as we have a photographer in the family who can make portraits just as wel and perhaps a bit better too.
But we always buy them.
It's nice to have the children portraited each year and follow their development.

I have some photographs of the past, but not all.
Some albums have mysteriously disappeared, including the ones of my ballet carreer.
It's a great loss.

I always hope that a friend turns up and gives me those albums back...
but after so many years???


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