Saturday, November 20, 2010!

When the recession hit many countries we were told our country was not hit hard and we would escape most of the problems.

I think that minister meant himself.

Many people are facing a very hard time, and so do we.
Already we have to turn each and every coin and we have to save on many things. But that'll get worse.

Insurance costs will go up. Not only the monthly pay, but also our own risk, as they call it. And there are talks in the government about making people pay for help from Youth Care. Imagine that! I don't need their help at all, but they meddle in because of mistakes of others and we might have to pay 3200 euro for that!

We don't have a car, but I think we should have to reconsider, even though I think the outcome will be: no car.
The costs of transportation have gone up tremendously, due to the disappearance of a special card which was used in our area and due to the introduction of an electronic system.
No trips to town just to go shopping, or a quick cuppa at a friend for less than an hour. I'm glad I'm not in many organisations right now, otherwise I would have to cut back on those cativities.

It's not our own problem. Friends with families go through the same, and some are considering selling their house and live smaller.

I'm glad we've never lived rich, so we can deal with it all. Even though I feel sorry for the kids.
Especially the girls are at an age that small things are such fun. But they cost rather much.


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