Thursday, November 18, 2010

Preparing for december

We're preparing for Sinterklaas,. That's our giving and receiving event of December. Santa Claus doesn't visit us, but his origina; character: Sinterklaas.
he arrived in our country last week and will leave in the night of december 5 to 6 deceber, leaving presents.

We've drawn names.

Now we're making wishlists and they're send around.

I don't like wishlists. The strange fenomenon of not knowing anything before the event always hits me, and as soon as it's over I know such a lot!!

My autistic son doesn't have those problems. He wants an xbox 360, with all accessories.
It's a kind of oversized wish, considering the fact that we're allowed to give presents of 15 euro.

There's a secret wishlist in my mind:
One of my daughter needs a new bicycle and a PC for school, the other one a PC too, my autistic son his xbox 360, my second son a new bicycle too. My oldest a nice suit or wintercoat..and a haircut, but I'm sure he'll resist that. LOL! My third son would love to have a new computer or a hard drive.

It won't happen... unless Sinterklaas really exists.


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