Thursday, November 11, 2010

Our Count Down - 8

Mailed the guardian yesterday about our feelings.
I thought it better to let him know that first ad grant him the chance to react on it.
Just like we gave the former guardians a second chance.

I felt sorry about sending such a mail, because to tell someone there's a huge lack of trust is not my usual way of dealing with people.
In such cases I silently retreat.

But in the situation we're in there's no choice at all.

I also made clear that during the conversation he said some things that gave me the chills and that I wanted to talk to him first before he'd go to the school and have his talks there. Preferably before tuesday.

His mail back was short: he had read my mail and he couldn't make an appointment any sooner.

Our count down: 286 days to go.


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