Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Our Count Down - 7

Today the girls and I were meeting the new guardian.
We went there quite neutral and rather curious.

I won't go in detail here. because I feel rather emotional after this meeting.
It's like we're back at the beginning of the whole ordeal.

Maybe he's a very nice guy, but I don't feel it that way.

Let's say that I've built an aversion against people who know better what the meaning is of my words and my gestures than I do myself.

Most of the time I can use myself as a perfect reflection of what's going on.
I made gestures I never use.
So I couldn't feel myself with this person.

He drew conclusions about what I said in such a way that he made me very mad.

He had no empathy at all for the girls, let alone for me.
No respect.

To us he's just like those people who caused the whole problem in the first place. Not one little piece better.

He took the reports with the false opinions for facts and instead of talking with the new groupteachers he wants to know from the old one why he said what he had said.
Question: are we helped with that? No.
And even more: my girl has got him as a teacher even this year. When the guy is put in a corner once again he will lash out even harder.
The school has ended his carreer as a group teacher and I'm sure he blames us for it.
I can't even imagine what he'll say.
And I can't even imagine what he'll do to my daughter.
We have the idea he's grading her low now, but we can't proof that.

The former guardians and we think it's more important to see how the girls are doing now.

By law they should have a treatment plan ready within 6 weeks.
Counting from the day we first met the other team (oct 13) a month is gone.
So that leaves us two weeks to get things done.
Guess when he is able to make the next appointment: yep: next week. And two weeks from now with the girls.

Wish we had a good lawyer, a real good one. And the money to pay him.

All we can do is make clear to his superior that we don't feel we can trust him.

Count down: 288 days to go.


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