Monday, November 22, 2010

Our Count Down - 11

The way we feel about the new guardian keeps bugging my mind.
I told him how we felt, but didn't get much response on the content of the message when i was talking to him.
So I mailed it and got a reply back: It's your problem.

So I let him know I'm not from that tradition.

In the eighties, or short before, there was a kind of attitude among ccertain students and other people in society that everybody was responsible for his own problems.
Ofcourse there's a truth in that, I don't deny that. But they used it as an excuse not to be bothered and certainly not to care.
None would lift a finger to help someone else.

Not my piece of cake.

So I tried to solve our problems by talking with him about it.
That got me an insight in how he acts. Nothing more.

In fact he suggested things by telling me they didn't have an endless supply of guardians.

Today I took plenty of time to write a letter to the teamleader stating that it's up to her if she takes him of the case or not.
I clearly states what I had observed and that I can tell my girls to cooperate, but that I can't tell them to trust him.

I also wrote a bit about one of the statetments about us that we're not able to look for help and accept it.

A ridiculous statement. As a mom of 3 autistic boys and one with ADHD and dyslexia I can't do without reaching out for help. Diagnostics, medication, therapy, support, entrance to protected living facilities, help at school, etc. etc.
There's nothing thrown through the mailbox, nothing waiting at the doormat. We had to arrange everything ourselves, and what is the use of making it all happen when you won't accept it?

Hopes that what I wrote makes a difference.

But it feels ridiculous to defend ourselves against such thoroughly stupid ideas.

still to go: 275 days


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