Friday, November 19, 2010

Our Count Down - 10

This week I had a meeting with the guardian without others present.
I took a taperecorder with me and he was not quite happy about that.

Nevertheless he acknowledged that it's known there that Child Care and the like use blackmail. They use the children to get the father out of the house.
He said it a few times.

Either he's not well instructed about the fact that a spokesperson should talk about that subject and he's not aware of the implications of his statements, or his ego is big enough to make him ignore that. I made him aware of the fact that I'm writing a book. That didn't make him withdraw the statement. (I think he didn't take it serious.) I also said I would turn to his superiors for confirmation when the time is ripe and he didn't blink an eye.


The strange feeling of distrust about his person stays.
I tried to make him aware of that, and he mailed me it's my problem.
I mailed back it is at least a problem of interaction and I'll think about it.
A copy went to his teamleader.

Today I went to the social work organisation of our town to talk about it all.
She was nice and impressed me with the way she used my name. I felt acknowledged, which was a kind of strange feeling after all these months.
Present was a student who took part in the conversation. Nice woman too.

They took a lot of notes, with names and all.
Heard the whole story with the main questions: what's their vision on how to deal with the situation, how to deal with this guy we don't trust.

It's not resistance against the situation, because we went well along with the other guy.

They took the whole situation quite different than I.
Acdcording to them we shouldn't have been there in the first place, so they thought it would be good to think about this matter in their own team and se what can be done.

I don't think we can change anything at all, as that judge took the wrong report as true, but maybe they know more than I.

So I didn't go home with answers on my questions, but I did go home with the feeling that I can establish a normal contact with a social worker, feel trust and exchange opinions without ill feelings.

She will call me with their reaction, which can be anything.
Either more talks and support in dealing with the guardian, a referral to a lawyer, or something else. It might even result in them stating they can't handle the situation.
Well, they are honest and saw me far more as the person I am than that guardian.

Our count down: 279 days to go.


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