Thursday, November 18, 2010

The official complaint

Isn;t it strange that filing a complaint against a person of Child Care doesn't reach the statistics until you've passed a few levels of complaining?

We;ve had a meeting with the person who made the mistakes, then the teamleaders.

At those levels complaints are worth nothing.

Yesterday we went to the boss of this Child Care region.

Interesting guy.
He could have been the brother of one of my mentors at university who now has become mayor of a nice town.
The same way he moves his head, tone and tembre of voice.
But he was nicer.

He talked a lot at the beginning of the meeting, explaining the procedures.
It came down to the fact that we can go two more steps higher, that he will conduct and investigation when he sees fit to do so, and that it's for the benefit of the organisation.


And we?

Well, in very exceptional cases a letter will go to the courthouse stating that the report was not OK, and it will be filed.

Well, bloody @#$%^!!!

The meeting was fine. He listened well, made plenty of summaries, and I'm now sure his adagio of life is summarisation and simplification, but he got our main complaints well on paper, thanks to a woman who studied law and was nothing else than his secretary.

It wasn't an unpleasant experience. In fact we smiled a lot, had some laughs and even joked.
He could have become a good friend if he was not at the other side of the problem.
So he´s the perfect guy for that position. LOL!

If he's honest... his building won't be a happy place for some people. If he's not, he's a good actor and lyer.

Strangely enough when we went home we felt a kind of satisfaction that we've taken that step.
If it turns against us... we'll deal with that.

But it sure feels good to lay the problems back where they belong.


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