Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My girl and what a dog did to her.

Last week one of my girls was on her way to school with a friend when suddenly a large dark dog ran to them and ran with full force against the bicycles.
There was no way to escape him, because he was running fast and came from behind.
It was like he attacked the front wheel.

They both fell.

My girl was wounded on her leg with a wound of 12 cm and bruising of 10 cm around it.
Both knees where severely bruised.

It was last week, but she still has muscle ache and can hardly climb the stairs.
Her bicycle can't be used anymore, and repairing is as costly as buying a new one. Both wheels are bended.

The other girl had less injuries and damage because she fell on my daughter.

The owner of the dog, a woman, didn't care one bit and didn't lift a finger to help them get up.
Someone else did.

They went to the police, but they didn't care much either.

She needs a new bicycle... and I don't know where to pay it from.
It's their birthday next thursday and I'm trying to find a way to surprise her.
Any ideas are welcome.


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