Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A mix

I was asked how my mouth is doing.

Well apart from the fact that it's still there, I can say I'm at the better side of all the pain now. (I hope).
The surgery itself went fine, but a srew came lose and when it was reattached the pin was turned lose from it's surroundings. I've had terrible pain and I wonder how I was able to go on with all those meetings and stuff, because the painkillers worked only for a part.
I didn't sleep well because of it and I still have to catch up.
The pain is less since yesterday evening and I'm very glad about that, as you can imagine.
There's a blister on top of the wound now... with a firm skin on top. Se we'll see what that does. As long as the crew doesn't come lose before it should come lose... and as long as it gives in when it needs to be turned out....

Boy 3 has found the perfect place for his practical work for his education: the main hospital in town. He's studying security and was especially delighted to see that he and his collegues are also part of the actions of the emergency helicopter. It's like realising one of his dreams.
He found the place himself, applied for it without talking with anyone and even though they had to put up a formal selection event which attracted quite some applicants, he got the job.
As the university is also part of their security area, he'll have a good time learning there.

Some of the kids are going to Harry Potter tomorrow as part of the birthday present for the girls.

I'll launch a worldwide secret santa event for Action For Autism tomorrow or the day after.
It was delayed a bit due to some ill co-workers, but there's not much work left, so tomorrow and thursday will be enough to get it going.

Between now and christmas I need to paint the livingroom. A new thermostat was put on the wall and it's round. Which doesn't provide a close fit to the square space available... So it needs painting to have a nice wall again.

There's quite some fuzz about a book that paints a picture of the pope. Pity I don;t worj for the magazine anymore which wanted me to review the book that was published when the former pope was still alive.
A comparison would have been nice.

On the other hand... my spiritual life has developed and I'm quite happy with the present studies.

Snow is expected for this week.


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