Monday, November 1, 2010

Manic Monday #225

It's autumn, what do you like best?

I'm never happy when autumn starts.
Because I love spring and summer so much with all the flowers, green leaves and the songs of the birds, autumn alsways feels like a sad goodbye.

I do love the colours, the smells of the woods, but each leaf that drops makes me feel sad.

Do you eat chestnuts, berries or anything else free to be found in nature? Give us a recipe.

The berries in my garden are very early most years, so when it's autumn I have to find them elsewhere. I love blueberries, but the woods where I know where to find them are rather far away.

We do have some chestnuttrees nearby and this year we found quite a lot of good chestnuts.
I've saved a few to try to make them sprout, so I'm enabled to grow my own tree.

When chestnuts get a bit old...not too old, but when the inner membrane around the fruit gets dry, they'll get a stronger taste.

Peel them, take of the membrane and chop them into tiny parts.
Take fresh spinach or old fashioned lettuce and add a bit of yoghurt as a sauce or dressing.
Pour the chestnuts over it and mix.

Do you have special autumn memories?

Playing in the woods under a roof of golder colours.
Walking with my father..

But one of the best was spsontaneous moment when someone threw me, I was about 18, in a huge pile of leaves like a was just a small little child.
I disappeared completely and was surprised it was warm and comfortable between the leaves. Then a hand caught me and pulled me out.
The air outside the pile was crisp and cold.. I was ready to crawl back... but we had to move on.

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