Thursday, November 18, 2010

It´s their birthday!

It´s the birthday of the girls.

As we didn't have bought real presents yet, because we had to spend our time on other things and we thought we would be able to shop after the meeting of complaint of yesterday, we had a visit to the shopping centre here right before closing time.

I found some very nice boxes with sprays and such. Same content, different looks. Two nice boxes for jewelry, and some hairaccessories.
We gave them yesterday evening, because their dad would not be around this morning and because they could use the hairthingies.

They were very happy with the gifts and loved the giftboxes. Phew!!

They're real young ladies of 15 now.
Good responsible girls with a brighful look at the future.
I'm very proud of them.
And I love them to bits.

Happy birthday girls!!


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