Wednesday, November 3, 2010

House renovations

We love seeing programs on TV about Outer banks short sales.

Houses are sold at prizes that are just enough to pay off the mortgage, or at higher prizes when there are more bidders, and then it's surprise time.
Because these houses are sold "as is", no one knows how the condition is, and it might be everything between needing no touch and needing a complete renovation.

Ofcourse houses that need a lot of work are most interesting.
It's very educational to see people deal with whatever comes on their path during a renovation. Not that I care how to deal with termites, for instance. We don't have them here and I hope they'll stay away a long time. But it's interesting to see how people make their decisions. Some only care for the financial consequences, whereas others want to get rid of the problems once and for all and have no intention at all of hiding any problems.

Sometimes we see something that seems to be a good idea, and we're keeping those ideas in our minds.
Sometimes, when friends need advice, those ideas come in handy.

One of our friends needed to do something between kitchen and dining room. He wanted to keep it open, but on the other hand... He wanted to keep his children out.

So we had the idea of building a bar with glass blocks, with a small door in it he could lock when cooking.
It worked out great!


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