Thursday, November 4, 2010

Food and Toys

McDonalds in San Francisco is not allowed to give toys with happy meals anymore, starting december next year.

It's said that McDonalds was the first to give children a toy with their meal.

That's not true.

When I was a little child my grandmother too me to the restaurant in town where a lady sang her happy songs every afternoon.

My gram took tea with a cookie and I got a meal with a toy.
Each week they gave a different toy and I always hoped my gram or her sister would take me to town and to the slightly dark restaurant.

When I grew older the meals made place for a tray with icecream, cake, and red lominade which tasted like water. The icecream was good though, and the toy that came with it was a good replacement for the children's toy I got before.

Last month the building where the restaurant was a special place for children was demolished.
A big gap is left at the once so nice square.

Improvement is not always for the better.


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