Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The flushot

It's time for the flu shot again.

This time Influenza A, or the mexican flu, is part of the annual shot.
No need to go three times or whatever, just one shot is enough.

Don't ask me why.

Some doctors state that one can't feel anything special after the shot, except a red spot at the place it was given.
My doctors used to be one of them, but after many patients gave him feedback and told him that they felt really ill after a shot, he has changed his information.

I'm one of the people who most often didn't feel well after the shot.
It lasted a week and made me feel unwell enough to consider having the real flu.

The past week I've been feeling like I had the flu and I'm still not completely well.
Which means I can't get the shot this week anyway.

Even though I'm part of the group we can get the shot for free I won't get it.

And you?


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