Sunday, November 14, 2010

Flooding and pain

The storm and rain of the past days have tortured the earth these past days.
Now it's calm outside and it doesn't rain anymore.

Yesterday and this morning warnings were issued against flooding and large parts of Belgium were flooded, for example. They had the worst rains since the weather and rainfall is measured, so that's since 1957. 3 people died.

Here the cattle had to be romoved from the sides of some rivers and sandbags were used to secure certain places. But we didn't have the problem Belgium had.

I haven't been near the river here.
It was high the past week already, so I won't be surprised when we're going to have wet feet in the downparts of the town.


Since friday I'm dealing with lots of pain in my jaw.
He sure has turned the implant far too much not to disturb what was already healed.
When the painkillers wear off a bit, the whole jaw aches, and I even have earpain.
I hope it'll go away. soon.

The next week is too important to be disturbed by pain and the consequent bad sleep and effects of painkillers. Or even worse: an inflammation.

Well, I told you before: life is never boring here.


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