Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Eye cream

Cold is heading our way.
You won't hear me complain, because it's just the perfect time for cold weather...late autumn.
I always like the fact that it freezes for a week or more, because it's good against the bugs.

Pity is that cold weather here often also means grey days and the heating on all day.

It sure has a negative effect on my skin.

So when I was making the grocerylist I was thinking that it would be wise to add another item: eye cream for dark circles.

A few years ago I got a sample of a cream. I used it the past winters when I had to go out. It covered the dark spots under my eyes.
Because I'm wearing glasses any skinproblems around the eyes are subject of attention because they are magnified a bit.

A good cream keeps the area moisturised and disguises any discolourisation.

Do you use a cream?


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