Friday, November 12, 2010

The dentist and the screw

Today I went to the dentist.

To my surprise and scare I found something in my mouth that stemmed from the place where the implant was screwed in, so I thought the implant had come out.

It was small... but did I know it was not the whole implant.
I joked all the time it was a very expensive screw.

So they had a good laugh when they saw the screw.
No, it wasn't the whole implant, that was still safe in my mouth.
Well, they should have informed me better that that sometimes happens.

I got a shot, the skin was opened and the screw was turned in again.
I was rather surprised it wasn't desinfected, but the thought disappeared when a flame of pain went through my head and the dentist said: "oops".

The pain was awful, so I think he has turned the screw very well and when it was turned a 100% he turned the implant itself.

It was quite a job to get home because of the terrible storm. Oh, I wish I was at sea.


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