Thursday, November 4, 2010

Contact school and parents

Schools are complaining they're not seeing enough parents on the parent's evenings.


Last week: we've been travelling about 3,5 hours to see teachers for 10 minutes. Costs: 4,40 euro.

This week: the same amount of time for 1 hour and 15 minutes of information, all in a hall, kids too. Costs: 7,95 Euro.

Costs will go up by 29%.

And that's for one girl only.
Because the other one is now in a different group we're invited twice.

What troubles me is not only the costs of it all, but the useless of it all.

The 10 minute conversations can be skipped in 9 out of 10 times. They can be replaced by a call. The kind of: "You're daughter is doing fine. We're very happy with the way she works."

The ones where all parents and pupils are stuck in one hall for as long as the person on the podium likes to hear his voice can be skipped completely and replaced by some written information.

It's interesting schools complain as much as they do, because there are enough parents who want to have an active role in school.
I've offered so many times to help them out that I can't count those offers anymore: accompanying trips, reading for dyslectic children, if necessary whole books, organising events, organising a campaign against bullying, etc etc.
The answer was always: "No, thank you".


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