Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Calcium supplements

Because osteoporosis runs in the family all the women are using calcium supplements after a certain age.

I told my doctor it's time for me too, but he doesn't want to prescribe anything without careful consideration.

So he wants to have a bonescan made, wants to draw blood and run some other tests bofr taking the plunge and put his signature undere a prescription.

It makes one wonder why some people just take pots of pills without knowing what they are doing.

Taking calcium supplements alone is not enough. One needs to exercice regularly and enjoy the benificial effects of the sun.

The positive consequences of a healthy lifestyle will be noticed easily.
Morning stiffness will be considerably less, souplesse of movements will be experienced more often and tghe posture will be far better.

When finding out which calcium supplements are best for the individual one needs to be clear about the goals.
Maintaining them is as important and reaching them.


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