Wednesday, November 10, 2010


One of my uncle was a printer and bookbinder and I've always enjoyed my stay there.
He had his factory and offices behind the house and often I would walk in and lend a hand.
When I got older he regularly asked me to help out.
First with small tasks, but later with larger tasks like brochures printing.

Because he was able to deliver short after brochures were ordered he got many orders and a few of them where from the magazine where I worked as a writer.

So it happened a few times that I helped printing the texts I'd written.

Don't think I lost touch with the product as soon as it left there.

In my neighbourhood I delivered the mail of the church and often the church sponsored special brochures.

So it could happen that not only I wrote the texts and printed it, but I also brought it to the people myself.

Isn't that great?


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