Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Autism and rain

Because my autistic son was afraid of the rain it was no problem helping one of the mothers who turned to me for help.

He's grown up now, but when he was young we soon discovered he was afraid of the wind and the rain.

He disliked water on his body.
Washing him was completely different from washing the other children.

They loved to be soaped and enjoyed the shower on their backs. Bathing was pure pleasure and they loved to play with toys in the water when they were old enough to do so.

My autistic son was completely opposite.
He absolutely hated it all and I had to find ways to wash him without him panicking.
So I started with a massage and them replaces the bare hand with a soaped washcloth.
Then I took him on my arms and stepped with him in the bath, holding him form against me and wasking the soap from him, singing...

He still doesn't like washing himself. He does, when he sees reason to.

Going outside when it rained was never desired by him.
When his brothers put on their boots and rainwear to play outside, he never went with them.

He just cried when we needed to go outside. Hiding his face from the wind and rain.
Such a pity.

So when that mother came and explained that she had a lovely son, but that she didn't know what to do when they had to leave the house, because at some times he just went with her and at other times he cried his lungs out, I remembered.

Carfully reviewing a few situations made clear her son had the same problems.

Both boys are sensitive to touch and don't like unexpected events.

And as we all know, wind and rain can't be planned, and even though there's good rainqwear and large hats can be worn, completely protecting from wind and rain is almost impossible when you have to go out.


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