Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Biting cold

It's a long time ago I heard crackling and breaking sounds when it was freezing. But this evening I heard it.
It's so very cold that the snow disappears from the pavement without salt or anything else.
Dry freezing.

We're still dealing with a kind of flu.
Headaches and nausea are the main symptoms.
The cold is not a big help for those who have to go through it.

Just one week and it's Sinterklaas. That's the december presents event, like christmas presents. But here it's in the night of december 5 to 6.
We drew names and tried to motivate everyone to send their wishes by mail to the whole family.
Those who bought their secret things and managed to get it into the house before this cold weather are lucky.
The rest needs to go shopping tomorrow... and I am one of them. Wooho! Brrrr..

Sinterklaas won't be a huge event this year.
No money.
Just a cup of hot chocolate and a cookie and a small present.

I long back to the years we could buy the kids a lot of extra's.
Those were good years, with those great big eyes in those small faces.
Pure happiness.

Well, I'm happy to have children that appreciate what they get and don't grief about what they don't get.

Monday, November 29, 2010


The day was awfully grey and dark.
The sky was so heavy that we didn't need a weatherforecast...
in the afternoon...

some tiny hails fell.
Not much.
Just like a very short soft shower.

It was like nature was taking a breath and then....


A fullblown snowshower was covering the world in a white blanket.

It was beautiful!!

Ofcourse I wanted to go for a walk, but the girls had to go to ballet, and there was too much to do.

But I saw the layer of snow growing.

It's around zero now.

So tomorrow morning it will be dangerous.

But we have snow!!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Yesterday some parts of the country got a layer of snow, today people were able to iceskate on natural ice.

The cold weather will last a while, so at more places iceskating will be possible.
Already two towns are trying to be the first to organise a marathon on natural ice, either tomorrow evening or tuesday.
A third town will join them, I expect.

We'be been watching the weather all day, because we love to have some snow too, but nothing happened. The sky didn't look like it until late in the afternoon when it was already getting dark.

So maybe this night some snowflakes will come to this small piece of the world.

Other people are more interested in what Likiweaks will publish this evening.
Well, when one has nothing special to do...

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Dark Lady

1. Have you ever been to a fortune teller? If yes, what happened?

But one approached me when I was in town and in a hurry. She took my hand without asking.
I didn't like it and told her I had to be elsewhere and i was certain we would meet again if her message to me would be important.

2. How do you cope in an uncomfortable social situation?

It depends.
A joke often works well.
The last weeks I'm talking and talking.

3. A genie appears (of course). She asks, “If you had 3 wishes but each took 3 years off your life, what would you wish for and why?”

  1. Stop the situation we're in and let us be the family we were before human lightning struck.
    We were happy and OK until someone acted upon the mistake of a child and created a nightmare for us. I'm fed up dealing with negative people who think the worst of us. I want our lives back.
  2. Worldpeace. Need I explain?
  3. A small cottage near Oban or on one of the isles of Scotland, or in Wales.
    Realising an old dream and returning to the roots of my genes.
4. Would you rather lose your soul mate or never meet them at all?

I've lost my soulmate due to life. I've got rich memories and I'm happy to have known him.

5. What is the hardest thing that you have ever had to do?

Bury my own child and a few years later bury another baby.

6. Have you ever had a miracle happen to you or your loved ones?

When I was young I had a marble lamp on the ceiling of my room.
I used to stand under it when I heard my dad go to shave and then I would walk to him and see him shave. The foam and just one strike of a thing and the hairs on his chin were gone. It was amazing.
That day however, I walked towards him and stepped in front of him. I never did.
Right at that moment the heavy lamp came down.
If I had kept the daily routine I would have been dead.

7. Tell us about a quote that you can relate to. Why can you relate with it?:

There are many quotes I relate to, because I've found their truth in my life.

One of my grams: "Just be yourself and if the other person is a good person, being yourself is always enough."

8. What personality trait has gotten you into the most trouble?

Loving my children a lot.
We've been blackmailed with the outplacement of our children not to deny allegations.
So sad....so sad....

9. For those in The States, how was your Turkey Day? If not from the US, do you celebrate a day like Thanksgiving?

I think being grateful is an attitude, not just a one day event.
It should be in your being, the moment you wake up until the moment you fall asleep.
As simple as that.

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Our Count Down - 12

On wednesday we had a meeting again.

My main goal was to try and establish a pleasant working relationship based on equality.

I've tried all sorts of ways, but apart from discussions that were superficial, nothing interesting happened.

Again no empathy at all.
At least one might expect some consideration for what the girls are going through... nothing.
No question if they've had a nice birthday.

Again we were faced with all too hasty conclusions.
I said the girls have recently gone through a few weeks of being tired and getting low grades, referring to the lack of a relaxed summer- and autumnvacation.
He threw himself on the subject, stating things that were not true and certainly not intended. I didn't say they were tired from before the summervacation, I didn't say they were tired because of him, I didn't say anything else than that they recently went through a period of tiredness. It might even be due to the flu that some of their friends had.

His frame of mind is very limited. He can't understand where I'm coming from when I tell him that my relationships with people are based on being myself and the acceptance that the other person is himself too. In fact, to feel myself comfortable the other should be himself too.
Playing Child Care copper or trying to outwit someone else is creating a distance between people.
I guess he needs it.
I don't blame him, but I'm clear towards his teamleader how we feel and what happens between him and us.

The girls don't feel comfortable and save with him.
I think it's great they can define their own boundaries, and I share their feelings.
When I told him about that he had his interpretations ready.

I wrote his teamleader before and she told me she would let us know next week about the outcome of the teammeeting.
Then I wrote her asking how to deal with the fact that he wanted a meeting with my daughter alone. If it was absolutely necessary, as it's not my parenting style to force my children to deal with people they don't feel save with.
We as grown ups can deal with the situation, even though we don't like it, but the girls... that's different.
They shouldn't be exposed to people like child protection who just write about them what they want and this guy who interprets things, uses al sorts of verbal games etc etc.

I was mailed that my daughter was allowed to give a writen reaction.

I was glad to be able to catch her just in time, before she left school.
I told her about the option to write, but left it up to her whether to go or not.
She was happy to come home and write... because it was "just a waste of time to go to town and back again".

We also went to school this week to hear how the girls are doing.

The groupleaders were very clear: the girls do well, are OK, don't require any special attention from child care.
One of the teachers mentioned that one of the girls had fear of failure, had her training and that the school kept a close look on her, but that she did very well.

The guy threw himself on the paper... one could see his face: finally something negative!!!
He didn't ask any questions. Didn't even want to know where it came from, how severe it was, etc etc.

Well, I wish I knew what the guy is thinking.

And I wish I knew how he goes about with his own children.
He should be a perfect parent and should have perfect children to feel himself so above us.

Count down: 271 days to go.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

No orange ladies anymore.

I love birthdayvisits.
These occassions are such a nice way to see people a few times a year and talk about all sorts of subjects and share memories.

Because one of the ladies brought up the nice summercolours of some people, we hit the subject of indoor tanning lotions.

It's about 30 years ago that an expensive brand launched a new product: a tanning lotion that could be applied directly on the skin and didn't need any sunlight to create the perfect summer look.

Our neighbour, who always wanted to be nicer, better and more modern than all the other ladies living in the street, bought this product and at a tuesday evening she told her husband to get a cup of coffee at our place and she closed the door..... and didn't want to open it again.

It took a lot of talking and promisses not to laugh before she let her husband in.

She was orange.

Not a bit. A lot!

Then my mother was called, who had a burst of laughter too, and they all had the plan to call the hairdresser of the village to ask him for advice.

he had none, as he didn't know the cream, but he advised to take a bath with bathsalt and maybe it would go away.

The good soak didn't work.

One of our nieces was called. She was a hairdresser and beautician.
Her only advice was to scrub... and call the factory.

So the neighbour tried to scrub it off, which didn't work and in the morning the factory was called.

Turned out they recalled the products a few weeks before, due to long lasting colour effects. All they could do was to send a courier with a product that might cover the orange.

For weeks my neighbour looked like she's bathed in shoepolish.
Her skin was shiny brownish, so everyone knew that she'd used something to look better.

After many weeks she started to look normal.

Something like that won't happen anymore.
Products are tested and retested before they're put on the market.
Now one is offered a variety of products to tan the skin and these products are subject to a large list of requirements.

No orange ladies anymore.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


She was a cute baby girl and I remember when I first held her in my arms.
She was the first baby close to home after I decided not to want to be pregnant anymore.

The years that followed were interesting.
She was growing fast, developed well, and had an intense need to be present.
At times it was impossible to have a conversation when she was in the room, and at a certain moment I told her to be quiet.

She was surprised as she was not used to be told what to do or not to do.

I told her that she was in my house and she needed to follow my rules.
I could not allow her to talk over and over again when her mum and I wanted to have a good time chatting, simply because I had 6 children and didn't want them to get in between it all too.
"One rule for all children in this house."

To my surprise she accepted it. "OK".

I had to remember her of the rule a few times and then matters were settled.
At her home I often told her that she might try to use the rule there too, and she was relatively quiet when I was there.

At the birthday of the girls she and her mom visited me.

She'd grown a lot, smiled a lot, and was clinging to her mother in precisely the same way.

Then suddenly she walked to the couch I was sitting on, sat beside me and told with a clear voice: "You're my second mom", and hugged me.


Eye cream

Cold is heading our way.
You won't hear me complain, because it's just the perfect time for cold weather...late autumn.
I always like the fact that it freezes for a week or more, because it's good against the bugs.

Pity is that cold weather here often also means grey days and the heating on all day.

It sure has a negative effect on my skin.

So when I was making the grocerylist I was thinking that it would be wise to add another item: eye cream for dark circles.

A few years ago I got a sample of a cream. I used it the past winters when I had to go out. It covered the dark spots under my eyes.
Because I'm wearing glasses any skinproblems around the eyes are subject of attention because they are magnified a bit.

A good cream keeps the area moisturised and disguises any discolourisation.

Do you use a cream?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A mix

I was asked how my mouth is doing.

Well apart from the fact that it's still there, I can say I'm at the better side of all the pain now. (I hope).
The surgery itself went fine, but a srew came lose and when it was reattached the pin was turned lose from it's surroundings. I've had terrible pain and I wonder how I was able to go on with all those meetings and stuff, because the painkillers worked only for a part.
I didn't sleep well because of it and I still have to catch up.
The pain is less since yesterday evening and I'm very glad about that, as you can imagine.
There's a blister on top of the wound now... with a firm skin on top. Se we'll see what that does. As long as the crew doesn't come lose before it should come lose... and as long as it gives in when it needs to be turned out....

Boy 3 has found the perfect place for his practical work for his education: the main hospital in town. He's studying security and was especially delighted to see that he and his collegues are also part of the actions of the emergency helicopter. It's like realising one of his dreams.
He found the place himself, applied for it without talking with anyone and even though they had to put up a formal selection event which attracted quite some applicants, he got the job.
As the university is also part of their security area, he'll have a good time learning there.

Some of the kids are going to Harry Potter tomorrow as part of the birthday present for the girls.

I'll launch a worldwide secret santa event for Action For Autism tomorrow or the day after.
It was delayed a bit due to some ill co-workers, but there's not much work left, so tomorrow and thursday will be enough to get it going.

Between now and christmas I need to paint the livingroom. A new thermostat was put on the wall and it's round. Which doesn't provide a close fit to the square space available... So it needs painting to have a nice wall again.

There's quite some fuzz about a book that paints a picture of the pope. Pity I don;t worj for the magazine anymore which wanted me to review the book that was published when the former pope was still alive.
A comparison would have been nice.

On the other hand... my spiritual life has developed and I'm quite happy with the present studies.

Snow is expected for this week.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Our Count Down - 11

The way we feel about the new guardian keeps bugging my mind.
I told him how we felt, but didn't get much response on the content of the message when i was talking to him.
So I mailed it and got a reply back: It's your problem.

So I let him know I'm not from that tradition.

In the eighties, or short before, there was a kind of attitude among ccertain students and other people in society that everybody was responsible for his own problems.
Ofcourse there's a truth in that, I don't deny that. But they used it as an excuse not to be bothered and certainly not to care.
None would lift a finger to help someone else.

Not my piece of cake.

So I tried to solve our problems by talking with him about it.
That got me an insight in how he acts. Nothing more.

In fact he suggested things by telling me they didn't have an endless supply of guardians.

Today I took plenty of time to write a letter to the teamleader stating that it's up to her if she takes him of the case or not.
I clearly states what I had observed and that I can tell my girls to cooperate, but that I can't tell them to trust him.

I also wrote a bit about one of the statetments about us that we're not able to look for help and accept it.

A ridiculous statement. As a mom of 3 autistic boys and one with ADHD and dyslexia I can't do without reaching out for help. Diagnostics, medication, therapy, support, entrance to protected living facilities, help at school, etc. etc.
There's nothing thrown through the mailbox, nothing waiting at the doormat. We had to arrange everything ourselves, and what is the use of making it all happen when you won't accept it?

Hopes that what I wrote makes a difference.

But it feels ridiculous to defend ourselves against such thoroughly stupid ideas.

still to go: 275 days

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cold weather and snow this week?

We were surprised by the weather forecast for this week: freezing cold and snow at the end of the week.

Ofcourse we went online to have a look at the site of the national weather institute.
They're always kind of held back in their forecasts.
Indeed: it would be cold, but not minus 13 and they didn't mention snow...yet.

I'm so happy for the girls it won't be as bad that they have to go to school through 15 cm of snow...

even though I could manage it when I was their age.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


When the recession hit many countries we were told our country was not hit hard and we would escape most of the problems.

I think that minister meant himself.

Many people are facing a very hard time, and so do we.
Already we have to turn each and every coin and we have to save on many things. But that'll get worse.

Insurance costs will go up. Not only the monthly pay, but also our own risk, as they call it. And there are talks in the government about making people pay for help from Youth Care. Imagine that! I don't need their help at all, but they meddle in because of mistakes of others and we might have to pay 3200 euro for that!

We don't have a car, but I think we should have to reconsider, even though I think the outcome will be: no car.
The costs of transportation have gone up tremendously, due to the disappearance of a special card which was used in our area and due to the introduction of an electronic system.
No trips to town just to go shopping, or a quick cuppa at a friend for less than an hour. I'm glad I'm not in many organisations right now, otherwise I would have to cut back on those cativities.

It's not our own problem. Friends with families go through the same, and some are considering selling their house and live smaller.

I'm glad we've never lived rich, so we can deal with it all. Even though I feel sorry for the kids.
Especially the girls are at an age that small things are such fun. But they cost rather much.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Our Count Down - 10

This week I had a meeting with the guardian without others present.
I took a taperecorder with me and he was not quite happy about that.

Nevertheless he acknowledged that it's known there that Child Care and the like use blackmail. They use the children to get the father out of the house.
He said it a few times.

Either he's not well instructed about the fact that a spokesperson should talk about that subject and he's not aware of the implications of his statements, or his ego is big enough to make him ignore that. I made him aware of the fact that I'm writing a book. That didn't make him withdraw the statement. (I think he didn't take it serious.) I also said I would turn to his superiors for confirmation when the time is ripe and he didn't blink an eye.


The strange feeling of distrust about his person stays.
I tried to make him aware of that, and he mailed me it's my problem.
I mailed back it is at least a problem of interaction and I'll think about it.
A copy went to his teamleader.

Today I went to the social work organisation of our town to talk about it all.
She was nice and impressed me with the way she used my name. I felt acknowledged, which was a kind of strange feeling after all these months.
Present was a student who took part in the conversation. Nice woman too.

They took a lot of notes, with names and all.
Heard the whole story with the main questions: what's their vision on how to deal with the situation, how to deal with this guy we don't trust.

It's not resistance against the situation, because we went well along with the other guy.

They took the whole situation quite different than I.
Acdcording to them we shouldn't have been there in the first place, so they thought it would be good to think about this matter in their own team and se what can be done.

I don't think we can change anything at all, as that judge took the wrong report as true, but maybe they know more than I.

So I didn't go home with answers on my questions, but I did go home with the feeling that I can establish a normal contact with a social worker, feel trust and exchange opinions without ill feelings.

She will call me with their reaction, which can be anything.
Either more talks and support in dealing with the guardian, a referral to a lawyer, or something else. It might even result in them stating they can't handle the situation.
Well, they are honest and saw me far more as the person I am than that guardian.

Our count down: 279 days to go.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

It´s their birthday!

It´s the birthday of the girls.

As we didn't have bought real presents yet, because we had to spend our time on other things and we thought we would be able to shop after the meeting of complaint of yesterday, we had a visit to the shopping centre here right before closing time.

I found some very nice boxes with sprays and such. Same content, different looks. Two nice boxes for jewelry, and some hairaccessories.
We gave them yesterday evening, because their dad would not be around this morning and because they could use the hairthingies.

They were very happy with the gifts and loved the giftboxes. Phew!!

They're real young ladies of 15 now.
Good responsible girls with a brighful look at the future.
I'm very proud of them.
And I love them to bits.

Happy birthday girls!!

The official complaint

Isn;t it strange that filing a complaint against a person of Child Care doesn't reach the statistics until you've passed a few levels of complaining?

We;ve had a meeting with the person who made the mistakes, then the teamleaders.

At those levels complaints are worth nothing.

Yesterday we went to the boss of this Child Care region.

Interesting guy.
He could have been the brother of one of my mentors at university who now has become mayor of a nice town.
The same way he moves his head, tone and tembre of voice.
But he was nicer.

He talked a lot at the beginning of the meeting, explaining the procedures.
It came down to the fact that we can go two more steps higher, that he will conduct and investigation when he sees fit to do so, and that it's for the benefit of the organisation.


And we?

Well, in very exceptional cases a letter will go to the courthouse stating that the report was not OK, and it will be filed.

Well, bloody @#$%^!!!

The meeting was fine. He listened well, made plenty of summaries, and I'm now sure his adagio of life is summarisation and simplification, but he got our main complaints well on paper, thanks to a woman who studied law and was nothing else than his secretary.

It wasn't an unpleasant experience. In fact we smiled a lot, had some laughs and even joked.
He could have become a good friend if he was not at the other side of the problem.
So he´s the perfect guy for that position. LOL!

If he's honest... his building won't be a happy place for some people. If he's not, he's a good actor and lyer.

Strangely enough when we went home we felt a kind of satisfaction that we've taken that step.
If it turns against us... we'll deal with that.

But it sure feels good to lay the problems back where they belong.

Preparing for december

We're preparing for Sinterklaas,. That's our giving and receiving event of December. Santa Claus doesn't visit us, but his origina; character: Sinterklaas.
he arrived in our country last week and will leave in the night of december 5 to 6 deceber, leaving presents.

We've drawn names.

Now we're making wishlists and they're send around.

I don't like wishlists. The strange fenomenon of not knowing anything before the event always hits me, and as soon as it's over I know such a lot!!

My autistic son doesn't have those problems. He wants an xbox 360, with all accessories.
It's a kind of oversized wish, considering the fact that we're allowed to give presents of 15 euro.

There's a secret wishlist in my mind:
One of my daughter needs a new bicycle and a PC for school, the other one a PC too, my autistic son his xbox 360, my second son a new bicycle too. My oldest a nice suit or wintercoat..and a haircut, but I'm sure he'll resist that. LOL! My third son would love to have a new computer or a hard drive.

It won't happen... unless Sinterklaas really exists.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Our Count Down - 9

My first meeting alone with the guardian.

He was surprised I wanted to record the session, but didn't object.

The main part of the meeting was spend on talking through the mail I send him about not trusting him.
We've got a history with the former organisation, and he should understand where we're coming from. We're treated very bad, and I won't let that happen again.

One would expect that talking together would erase the strange feeling.
I don't often feel I don't like or don't trust people.
He's nice. I can say that.
But I still don't trust him.
I can't put into words exactly what I sense about him. It doesn't feel good.

He made some irresponsible mistakes during the first meeting, because of his high ego. Pretended insight where had none.
I told him so and he said he didn't do it...said he didn't remember it.. and when it turned out I knew perfectly well what happened he said he didn't mean it that way.
Felt like I was talking with a kid. Sorry.
Well, my children are far more honest than he is.

This is apart from the fact that I consider him an intruder in our lives.
I know I'm a good mom and I'm doing OK and my familiemembers are OK too.
But suddenly a magnifier is held above us and they're trying to find fault with us.

Those who know me know I'm not happy with the way society has changed the past years. The way they treat people with special needs, the way they treat young people.
Every single person is seen like a worker.
There's not enough care for people anymore, not enough solidarity, not enough compassion.

The guy does nothing with my emotions.
He only asked me if I had someone to talk about it all.
I didn't even trust him to give him the answer I would have given him in case I'd feel at ease with him.

I can deal with what happened, meaning that it won't cause psychological damage.
I do however mind we're not treated with respect and we're not treated well.
The expectations I have of professionals are high. They think they're more and better than other people, well...proof it.
Don't tell me how to raise my children when you haven't even dealth with the challenged we've gone through.
That's how I feel.

And certainly not when you're showing off you're not even able to handle properly the problems of your own children.

So the protest and distrust in me stays.

The guy told me we couldn't change guardians one after another.
Then he has to deal with the fact that the girls and I don't trust him.

to go: 280 days

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My girl and what a dog did to her.

Last week one of my girls was on her way to school with a friend when suddenly a large dark dog ran to them and ran with full force against the bicycles.
There was no way to escape him, because he was running fast and came from behind.
It was like he attacked the front wheel.

They both fell.

My girl was wounded on her leg with a wound of 12 cm and bruising of 10 cm around it.
Both knees where severely bruised.

It was last week, but she still has muscle ache and can hardly climb the stairs.
Her bicycle can't be used anymore, and repairing is as costly as buying a new one. Both wheels are bended.

The other girl had less injuries and damage because she fell on my daughter.

The owner of the dog, a woman, didn't care one bit and didn't lift a finger to help them get up.
Someone else did.

They went to the police, but they didn't care much either.

She needs a new bicycle... and I don't know where to pay it from.
It's their birthday next thursday and I'm trying to find a way to surprise her.
Any ideas are welcome.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Promotional Products

A few years ago this time of year was not only a cery demanding time because of all sorts of meetings for school, it was also a time of joy.

I had the honor to order christmaspresents for a large number of people.
I don't mean the regular christmas items like ornaments and boxes with food and one luxury item, but promotional products like travel and luggage items, sports items, jewelry and gadgets like for instance christmas theme stress balls.

It was great to look through the enormous array of promotional products for something useful and very, very surprising.
Ofcourse the main goal is to imprint the logo and name of the organisation or firm in the mind of the receiver, but as a psychologist I know that it's of utmost importance to open the mind so imprinting can be done.
A good laugh or surprise does the trick, as does using the item.

Working with a design team to adjust logos, chose the right colour, was always a very rewarding experience, and getting a discount made me smile.

When you have the opportunity to do the same, please be quick.
Christmas is waiting around the corner. Just a month and 10 days.

Manic Monday #226

What is your favorite, can't-do-without beauty product?

Lipcare, but I don't consider it a beauty product.
When I'm meeting people I use lipstick. A very soft, almost natural pink colour. I never use another colour, because the orangy colours look weird on me and the red ones make me look like a painted ghost.

Have you ever colored your hair? What do you think about men coloring their hair and/or facial hair?

When the grey came, so came the haircolour.
Just the same reddish colour I've always had.

What is your favorite outfit that you own? What makes it so special to you?

At the moment I don't have a favorite outfit.

I've seen something nice at holyclothing, but I can't afford it at the moment.
The fashion of the moment contains colours I love and, surprise, surprise, are part of my wardrobe. So black trousers, a nice blouse and a cardigan with scarf are perfect.

For daily life I would love to look like a hippy.

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A good skin

When I was young my mother told me that all skinproblems would go away after pregnancy.
I believed her.
She forgot to tell me that skinproblems need expert help and she also forgot to tell me there are products that contain anti-aging compounds.

Thanks to internet I found out myself and I can skow my skin without being ashamed.
OK, I don't smoke, don't drink and don't use drugs. That helps a lot.

But those hydroxatone reviews came in handy, I can tell you that.

A good skin is more than a nice face.
It gives one a feeling of security.
And it comes in handy too because I don't need hours in front of the mirror to smear creams and other facial products to cover up the problems.

A good cream even prevents problems like age spots, wrinkles, cracks and loose dry skin. So it really does make one look younger.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Flooding and pain

The storm and rain of the past days have tortured the earth these past days.
Now it's calm outside and it doesn't rain anymore.

Yesterday and this morning warnings were issued against flooding and large parts of Belgium were flooded, for example. They had the worst rains since the weather and rainfall is measured, so that's since 1957. 3 people died.

Here the cattle had to be romoved from the sides of some rivers and sandbags were used to secure certain places. But we didn't have the problem Belgium had.

I haven't been near the river here.
It was high the past week already, so I won't be surprised when we're going to have wet feet in the downparts of the town.


Since friday I'm dealing with lots of pain in my jaw.
He sure has turned the implant far too much not to disturb what was already healed.
When the painkillers wear off a bit, the whole jaw aches, and I even have earpain.
I hope it'll go away. soon.

The next week is too important to be disturbed by pain and the consequent bad sleep and effects of painkillers. Or even worse: an inflammation.

Well, I told you before: life is never boring here.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Just What I Needed

1. Who was the last person who entered your life and was just what you needed?

Huh? The last people who entered my life were not needed at all.

2. What is one of your fondest childhood memories?

Being with my gram.
I've got so many memories with her, I'm so happy about that.
She was a nice woman and had many stories to tell.
But early in the morning she just wanted life to be good.
She'd put the heating on, made tea. put candles on the table and then we sat down and put butter on white bread. Then she took the slice of bread and pushed it in sugar.
It tasted marvellous! Nothing can beat that.

3. What would you like to be doing in 7 years?

Being a writer and photographer in Scotland.

4. Tell us about a blogging pet peeve.

That's a complaint, isn't it?
I wish people wouldn't blog about subjects they know nothing about, and I would love not to come across all advertisement only blogs.

5. Tell us about a general pet peeve.

Can't think of anything at the moment.

6. For one day, who would you like to trade places with?

There are so many people on my list... but minister of health would be great to start with.

7. Where is your least favorite place to be?

A spider cage.

8. What do you like about fall?

The colours.

9. If you or someone you know are chronically late, do you believe it's the result of poor planning or choosing to be late?

Some people don't have an inbuilt clock. They have no sense for time.
I'm always 15 minutes before the appointment when it's only up to me.

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Friday, November 12, 2010

The dentist and the screw

Today I went to the dentist.

To my surprise and scare I found something in my mouth that stemmed from the place where the implant was screwed in, so I thought the implant had come out.

It was small... but hej...how did I know it was not the whole implant.
I joked all the time it was a very expensive screw.

So they had a good laugh when they saw the screw.
No, it wasn't the whole implant, that was still safe in my mouth.
Well, they should have informed me better that that sometimes happens.

I got a shot, the skin was opened and the screw was turned in again.
I was rather surprised it wasn't desinfected, but the thought disappeared when a flame of pain went through my head and the dentist said: "oops".

The pain was awful, so I think he has turned the screw very well and when it was turned a 100% he turned the implant itself.

It was quite a job to get home because of the terrible storm. Oh, I wish I was at sea.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Our Count Down - 8

Mailed the guardian yesterday about our feelings.
I thought it better to let him know that first ad grant him the chance to react on it.
Just like we gave the former guardians a second chance.

I felt sorry about sending such a mail, because to tell someone there's a huge lack of trust is not my usual way of dealing with people.
In such cases I silently retreat.

But in the situation we're in there's no choice at all.

I also made clear that during the conversation he said some things that gave me the chills and that I wanted to talk to him first before he'd go to the school and have his talks there. Preferably before tuesday.

His mail back was short: he had read my mail and he couldn't make an appointment any sooner.

Our count down: 286 days to go.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ugg Boots

Don't tell me you've never heard from ugg boots, because I've got a link to their site right at the sidecolumn of my blog.


I love those boots.

They are from timeless fashion and fit dress and trousers.

I know that some women who have developed their width well have problems with boots because the leg won't fit in, but with the classic short Uggs there is no problem at all.
They fit snug around the foot so the cold won't come in, but they won't influence blood circulation in a bad way, as some other kinds do.

I love the black ones, but recently I saw the light beige worn by one of my friends and I have to say that since then Uggs isn't associaleted anymore to me with black sheepskin alone.
My friend said that she loved the raw seams, but when I had a closer look I saw that there was nothing raw about it. I only saw pure craftsmanship reflected and good care for details.

One of my dreams has been to win a pair and I sknow I share that dream with many people.


One of the girls had a special day today.
They could make a choice of a list of sports and then a lottery would decide which kids would go where.

She was happy to find herself on the list of ice skating.

So up to the attic I went to get her skates while she called her friends to tell them where she would wait for them.
For once she's lucky because the ice skating hall is just a few minutes from our home.
That's different from 45 minutes bicycling each day.

So she went later than normal and had a great time.

She learned to turn on one foot and already has plans to develop figure skating more.
I don't think she'll join the figure skating team here, because they behaved rather arrogant and annoying, disturbing the flow of the iceskaters on the ring.

I admire the many talents of my daughter so I asked her if she would like to go iceskating with friends at a time where not many others go.
She loved the idea.



One of my uncle was a printer and bookbinder and I've always enjoyed my stay there.
He had his factory and offices behind the house and often I would walk in and lend a hand.
When I got older he regularly asked me to help out.
First with small tasks, but later with larger tasks like brochures printing.

Because he was able to deliver short after brochures were ordered he got many orders and a few of them where from the magazine where I worked as a writer.

So it happened a few times that I helped printing the texts I'd written.

Don't think I lost touch with the product as soon as it left there.

In my neighbourhood I delivered the mail of the church and often the church sponsored special brochures.

So it could happen that not only I wrote the texts and printed it, but I also brought it to the people myself.

Isn't that great?

A real present

Today we got a real, unexpected surprise.
So sweet!

A collegue from work brought a few items he bought especially for us during his vacation abroad.

It was a nice buddha statue, a pagode and a bottle of holy water of a special buddhist place.

Never ever has someone had such a special idea and took something that heavy all the way from the other part of the world.

We feel honored.

Welcome visitor

With 4 boys I've had the pleasure of many friends at the door asking if the boys would come and play.
Some of the boys I've held in my arms when they were a baby, others came in our lives later.
They're a nice bunch of guys. Young men, who know how to have fun, but who are also seriously working at their future.

They inspire and motivate each other and I feel very proud they all have become such good and caring people.

Today on of them came to knock at the door to ask if we knew where one of the boys was.
He tried to phone him, but couldn't reach him.
He was worried so he came to us.

The problem was soon solved: my sons phone was broken. We knew that for sure.

We invited the friend in for coffee and had a good chat about plans for next year's summervacation.
He's the oldest and he's got some nice plans for them.
Because we were talking about them going by car I told him to check his insurance and ask quotes from different car insurance companies. As some of the group just recently got their lisence we suggested that going by train is an option as is taking one or two of the fathers with them to drive in turns.

It was a very good conversation and we all enjoyed it.

I'm sure he'll soon be here again for coffe and a chat.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Our Count Down - 7

Today the girls and I were meeting the new guardian.
We went there quite neutral and rather curious.

I won't go in detail here. because I feel rather emotional after this meeting.
It's like we're back at the beginning of the whole ordeal.

Maybe he's a very nice guy, but I don't feel it that way.

Let's say that I've built an aversion against people who know better what the meaning is of my words and my gestures than I do myself.

Most of the time I can use myself as a perfect reflection of what's going on.
I made gestures I never use.
So I couldn't feel myself with this person.

He drew conclusions about what I said in such a way that he made me very mad.

He had no empathy at all for the girls, let alone for me.
No respect.

To us he's just like those people who caused the whole problem in the first place. Not one little piece better.

He took the reports with the false opinions for facts and instead of talking with the new groupteachers he wants to know from the old one why he said what he had said.
Question: are we helped with that? No.
And even more: my girl has got him as a teacher even this year. When the guy is put in a corner once again he will lash out even harder.
The school has ended his carreer as a group teacher and I'm sure he blames us for it.
I can't even imagine what he'll say.
And I can't even imagine what he'll do to my daughter.
We have the idea he's grading her low now, but we can't proof that.

The former guardians and we think it's more important to see how the girls are doing now.

By law they should have a treatment plan ready within 6 weeks.
Counting from the day we first met the other team (oct 13) a month is gone.
So that leaves us two weeks to get things done.
Guess when he is able to make the next appointment: yep: next week. And two weeks from now with the girls.

Wish we had a good lawyer, a real good one. And the money to pay him.

All we can do is make clear to his superior that we don't feel we can trust him.

Count down: 288 days to go.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Help.... my implant!

Last week, while eating something soft, I felt a hard particle hit the place of the inplant in my mouth. It hurt for a moment, and that was it.
Later i found out that the skin was a bit removed from the implant, but everything looked fine and I expected the skin to close itself again.

Today I felt something strange at that place, but i didn't touch it, as I thought it was the skin regrowing or something like that.
But you know how it works with something in the mouth... you can't forget it.
When I touched the place I felt something solid.

I still didn't feel alarmed. Thought something from dinner might be still there and I would remove it with a soft brush when I would be upstairs.

Then I suddenly felt something on my tongue: the implant.

I can't tell you how I feel about it. :(
Finally I decided to do something expensive for myself... and it's rejected.

That's a very expensive little screw...

Sunday, November 7, 2010

No cancer?

I nearly forgot: last week we got the biopsy results for the tumor at the hand of the father of the children.

We expected a diagnosis of cancer, because the doctors had been rather clear about it.
Instead it turned out that the histology was a mix of all sorts of cells so the results were inconclusive.

Well, at least is not a far developed cancer and we hope it's completely removed.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


We planned to go and visit another town and buy some things we can't find here.
But the weather was so gloomy and rainy that it made us shiver and not interested at all to travel and shop elsewhere.

Instead we hang around a bit, bought some good foods at our shopping centre and bought the ingredients for some traditional wintersoup.
We all were feeling like eating it, so I took my time to slice and spice it all and it resulted in the hugest pan all pilled up and spreading a delicious smell.


Friday, November 5, 2010

Watching the Wheels

1. What do you see when you are watching the wheels go round?

Huh? Which wheels?

2. Do you watch reality shows? Which ones?

My life is a reality show enough.

3. What's your favorite all time reality show?


4. Do you feel "reality" shows are real or are they faked?

Part of it is faked.

5. What does your personal neon sign say to the world?

I don't have one, but it should say: to be filmed.

6. Ever seen a neon sign with certain letters burned out so that it said something unintended?

I think so, but I haven't remembered.

7. What gives you a headache? Could be a scent, a sound, someone's actions - anything.

My son has a loud voice and at times he talks very monotonous. Trying to understand what he means created a headache.

The flu causes headaches too, and sitting in an unconfortable position.

8. What song, artist or album in your music collection would you pull out and play if you wanted to give your roommate/neighbors a huge, head-splitting headache?

... tell me... why should I hurt others?

9. What do you do to relieve stress?

Make music, blog,.. it depends on what has caused the stress or who.
Placing the stress in proportion to the cause of possible effects often helps. Meditation too.

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Our Count Down - 6

Last week we got a mail stating we would get more info this week.
So I didn't check the mail over the weekend. There was enough to keep us busy.

Monday I found we got a mail on friday telling us we would get one male guardian.

Suddenly there seemed to be a lot of pressure to make an appointment as soon as possible.
The whole tone of the mail of the man was creating a very unpleasant feeling. We (father of the kids and I) both had the same reaction independent from each other.

As next wednesday is the day our complaints at child protection will be adressed, the first opportunity is the 17th.
The guardian was not happy with that even though it was explained that all the free days from work are gone.
He even suggested a home visit in the evening.
No way. I want to be available for the girls to answer questions about homework and I don't want to break the routine for our autistic son.

So I suggested a meeting next tuesday, because by fate the girls have an afternoon off.

I'm curious why this guy has been chosen to be on our case.
Not often do I get ill feelings when reading mails fron unknown people, so maybe it's just a lack of practice on internet. On his part, I mean. :)

Well, we'll see.

I'm feeling kind of distant.. fed up with all the toodoo.

Our count down: 294 days to go.

Stop smoking

One of the responsibilities of parents is to make children aware of the risks of smoking and to keep them away of cigarettes and such as long as possible.

I've always thought that a good example would be as important as good information, so my children have never ever seen their parents smoke.
Even before smoking was banned from public buildings smoking was banned from my house.
I felt very sorry for my father and some friends, but alas, the health of my children was far more important than their addiction.

My father thought the same, even though he never stopped, he smoked outside or not at all during his visits to us. And at his own home he quit smoking inside as soon as my first child was born. No need to say anything.

I understand people experience difficulties when they want to stop smoking, but there are so many supportgroups and ways to help yourself that it can be done.

I've had some addicts in therapy in the past and do you know what helped them most?
To be aware that one tiny stick of paper with a few leaves is given the power to decide what you're doing and thinking.

Contact school and parents

Schools are complaining they're not seeing enough parents on the parent's evenings.


Last week: we've been travelling about 3,5 hours to see teachers for 10 minutes. Costs: 4,40 euro.

This week: the same amount of time for 1 hour and 15 minutes of information, all in a hall, kids too. Costs: 7,95 Euro.

Costs will go up by 29%.

And that's for one girl only.
Because the other one is now in a different group we're invited twice.

What troubles me is not only the costs of it all, but the useless of it all.

The 10 minute conversations can be skipped in 9 out of 10 times. They can be replaced by a call. The kind of: "You're daughter is doing fine. We're very happy with the way she works."

The ones where all parents and pupils are stuck in one hall for as long as the person on the podium likes to hear his voice can be skipped completely and replaced by some written information.

It's interesting schools complain as much as they do, because there are enough parents who want to have an active role in school.
I've offered so many times to help them out that I can't count those offers anymore: accompanying trips, reading for dyslectic children, if necessary whole books, organising events, organising a campaign against bullying, etc etc.
The answer was always: "No, thank you".

Another buying experience

Those who love coupons will certainly enjoy the shopping experience at ebillme.com.

800 stores to keep you occupied, and payment options which are far more pleasant that the usual online payment methods.
You'll get your bill in your email and it's up to you if you pay online or go to one of the walk-in payment centers.

Apart from many offers and sicounts there's a deal of the day apart from a featured deal, a featured merchant and featured coupons.

To give you an idea: buying an Amazon gift card of $100 results in an extra $15. Isn't that great?

For those who love contests and give-aways there's a weekly contest with great prices. And when I say great, I mean great! It's something completely different each week. And entering the contest is a lot easier than entering most of the give-aways at blogs.

Food and Toys

McDonalds in San Francisco is not allowed to give toys with happy meals anymore, starting december next year.

It's said that McDonalds was the first to give children a toy with their meal.

That's not true.

When I was a little child my grandmother too me to the restaurant in town where a lady sang her happy songs every afternoon.

My gram took tea with a cookie and I got a meal with a toy.
Each week they gave a different toy and I always hoped my gram or her sister would take me to town and to the slightly dark restaurant.

When I grew older the meals made place for a tray with icecream, cake, and red lominade which tasted like water. The icecream was good though, and the toy that came with it was a good replacement for the children's toy I got before.

Last month the building where the restaurant was a special place for children was demolished.
A big gap is left at the once so nice square.

Improvement is not always for the better.

Social City

I'd found a nice game online to divert my attention from daily life.
It also acted as a weight loss product, because it really got my attention in such a way that I forgot to eat something in the meantime.

The first levels were easy, but needed a lot of attention to keep the game going.
Now I'm at one of the higher levels I can make the game run itself for a while. If I want to even two complete days.

But the game won't load properly at the moment and their support desk turns out not to be very fast.

It's not as much the game that's nice which attracts me, but the fact that it's a social game.
I's nice to exchange gifts with other people and find new online friendships.

And it made me go through the bad time of having the flu in a rather easy way.
I don't like being in bed and not able to watch what's going on in the house.
So this worked fine for me.

As I'm not much of a gamer and real life has a lot more to offer and ask, I won't say it's trouble to get rid of my addiction.

In fact, there's a pile of vegetables waiting to be cleaned, sliced and cooked.
Let's see which recipes I want to use.

Insurance... up

Next year we have the honor to pay more for our health insurance. At least 10 euro more each month.

It's not that more medication is insured. And it's not that all medical costs will be paid.

By law we should have a health insurance.

But I wonder why they don't get their money through taxes.

The government forces all people to have an insurance, and a few years ago they stopped the old system and made insurances go "on the market".
Instead of things getting better, they got worse.
Old people have to pay for their walking support, I have to pay for life-saving medication, and I'm forced to accept lesser quality medication because it's not so expensive.

The very good health system is sick itself, partly because of the recession.

I'm worried about the rising costs of everything.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Weightloss guaranteed forever

I'm sure there are many hidden secrets in our world.

No, I'm not talking about the news of last week that daily about 200 new species of animals are discovered in far away places.

No, I'm talking about weightloss and diet pills.

Take for example those lipofuze reviews.

Lipofuze guarantees that the lost weight will stay away forever.
I hope that doesn't mean that new weight will take it's place, because that would be a real disaster.
When losing weight for example sterogens are freed and the body gets rid of them. In the case of new weight those very same estrogens will be stored in the fatcells again, which is not what we want.

Before I've sproken about the mystery of replacing fat with muscles by a simple pill.
Apart from the fact that I won't be happy with the same volume of muscles at places where I want my fat gone forever, I wonder if a pill alone can do that.
OK, the pill is scientifically designed, it's said, but muscles without exercising?
I wish it would be true.
I would take a whole pot before going to sleep and I certainly would be happy in the morning... would I?

Belly fat would be gone and belly muscles would protest when I would try to fit the trousers I've kept for the time after I lost weight.
The three underchins of the woman in the street would be pure muscle. Me oh my.. I wonder what she can do with that.

Side effects are expected for those who are senstitive to caffeine. So when you are, be carefull and report to your doctor with irregular heartbeat and other side-effects you'll find on the package.

I hope we all will be slim by christmas... all christmasses when the promiss of eternal weightloss will be realised.
Reading this back... what do they mean?


Today one of the girls came home with the photos which were made a few weeks ago at school.

Because they took one for her schoolpass we'd seen a small one, and it didn't look as well as the one of last year.

So it was quite a surprise that the larger photo turned out to be a perfect reflection of the person she now is.

Her face has turned a bit older and wiser and holding the new photo beside the old one shows that very clea.

So were were very happy with the photos.

The other girl is waiting for her set of photos.
Because she's in a different group now we miss the special moment of twins.

It's a pity these photos are so very expensive, especially as we have a photographer in the family who can make portraits just as wel and perhaps a bit better too.
But we always buy them.
It's nice to have the children portraited each year and follow their development.

I have some photographs of the past, but not all.
Some albums have mysteriously disappeared, including the ones of my ballet carreer.
It's a great loss.

I always hope that a friend turns up and gives me those albums back...
but after so many years???

House renovations

We love seeing programs on TV about Outer banks short sales.

Houses are sold at prizes that are just enough to pay off the mortgage, or at higher prizes when there are more bidders, and then it's surprise time.
Because these houses are sold "as is", no one knows how the condition is, and it might be everything between needing no touch and needing a complete renovation.

Ofcourse houses that need a lot of work are most interesting.
It's very educational to see people deal with whatever comes on their path during a renovation. Not that I care how to deal with termites, for instance. We don't have them here and I hope they'll stay away a long time. But it's interesting to see how people make their decisions. Some only care for the financial consequences, whereas others want to get rid of the problems once and for all and have no intention at all of hiding any problems.

Sometimes we see something that seems to be a good idea, and we're keeping those ideas in our minds.
Sometimes, when friends need advice, those ideas come in handy.

One of our friends needed to do something between kitchen and dining room. He wanted to keep it open, but on the other hand... He wanted to keep his children out.

So we had the idea of building a bar with glass blocks, with a small door in it he could lock when cooking.
It worked out great!

Autism and rain

Because my autistic son was afraid of the rain it was no problem helping one of the mothers who turned to me for help.

He's grown up now, but when he was young we soon discovered he was afraid of the wind and the rain.

He disliked water on his body.
Washing him was completely different from washing the other children.

They loved to be soaped and enjoyed the shower on their backs. Bathing was pure pleasure and they loved to play with toys in the water when they were old enough to do so.

My autistic son was completely opposite.
He absolutely hated it all and I had to find ways to wash him without him panicking.
So I started with a massage and them replaces the bare hand with a soaped washcloth.
Then I took him on my arms and stepped with him in the bath, holding him form against me and wasking the soap from him, singing...

He still doesn't like washing himself. He does, when he sees reason to.

Going outside when it rained was never desired by him.
When his brothers put on their boots and rainwear to play outside, he never went with them.

He just cried when we needed to go outside. Hiding his face from the wind and rain.
Such a pity.

So when that mother came and explained that she had a lovely son, but that she didn't know what to do when they had to leave the house, because at some times he just went with her and at other times he cried his lungs out, I remembered.

Carfully reviewing a few situations made clear her son had the same problems.

Both boys are sensitive to touch and don't like unexpected events.

And as we all know, wind and rain can't be planned, and even though there's good rainqwear and large hats can be worn, completely protecting from wind and rain is almost impossible when you have to go out.

Taking pills regularly

Some people make a real fuzz about taking pills.
I don't understand why.

Maybe it has to do with motivation.

I take my pills whenever it's necessary, mainly before going to bed, before brushing my teeth.
It has become a ritual and I had to put my pills in one of those boxes with the days on it, because it was such an automatic activity that sometimes I really had to think if I was remembering taking them from the day before or the present day.

So now I never ever forget to take my pills.

A few years ago a friend conducted some research and found out that women taking weight loss pills complained far less about taking pills than when they had to take other pills.
Weight loss is something which is very desired and which can be measured. So the direct effect motivates women to take those pills.

When you are one of the people who tend to forget your pills, take a lipstick and write a notice on the mirror.
Buy a box with small compartments for the days and put the box at a place where you find it at about the same time each day: so with the knives, for instance.
Be honest to yourself about why you need your pills. Your doctor won't mind explaining the benificial effects once again, so you know.

Good luck.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The flushot

It's time for the flu shot again.

This time Influenza A, or the mexican flu, is part of the annual shot.
No need to go three times or whatever, just one shot is enough.

Don't ask me why.

Some doctors state that one can't feel anything special after the shot, except a red spot at the place it was given.
My doctors used to be one of them, but after many patients gave him feedback and told him that they felt really ill after a shot, he has changed his information.

I'm one of the people who most often didn't feel well after the shot.
It lasted a week and made me feel unwell enough to consider having the real flu.

The past week I've been feeling like I had the flu and I'm still not completely well.
Which means I can't get the shot this week anyway.

Even though I'm part of the group we can get the shot for free I won't get it.

And you?

Calcium supplements

Because osteoporosis runs in the family all the women are using calcium supplements after a certain age.

I told my doctor it's time for me too, but he doesn't want to prescribe anything without careful consideration.

So he wants to have a bonescan made, wants to draw blood and run some other tests bofr taking the plunge and put his signature undere a prescription.

It makes one wonder why some people just take pots of pills without knowing what they are doing.

Taking calcium supplements alone is not enough. One needs to exercice regularly and enjoy the benificial effects of the sun.

The positive consequences of a healthy lifestyle will be noticed easily.
Morning stiffness will be considerably less, souplesse of movements will be experienced more often and tghe posture will be far better.

When finding out which calcium supplements are best for the individual one needs to be clear about the goals.
Maintaining them is as important and reaching them.

Test week

The girls have their first week of tests at school.
It´s new for them to have only tests and no lessons.
The school decided that it was a nice preparation for the official examinations.

The intention is that the pupils will focuss on learning for these testst and on nothing else, but real life doesn´t work that way.
Ballet, music and other hobby/lessons, other appointment, etc etc. And there´s also family life.

For me a testweek is nothing special.
The boys had them in the past.
They reactions were different from those of the girls.

Some of the boys didn´t need repeating what they had seen before and consideren a testweek to be a kind of vacation.
Others emerged themselves in learning and sometimes almost forgot they had a second subject the next day.

The girls started preparing for this week weeks ago.
So we´re going through a rather relaxed afternoon and evening when they come back from school.

Waiting for the results is as stressful as ever for certain subjects.

Vitamins when the r is in the month

Being a mom makes me responsible for the health of my children and to teach them to take over that responsibility while growing up.

There are several sources of information I use to guard their health and to stimulate it.

Ofcourse I observe them, give them healthy food, make them behave responsible so they'll go to bed in time, sleep enough, don't smoke, drink or enage in other risky behaviours.

And I keep an open mind to absorb the information about health in young people.

We're not a nation of people who love to take pills.
Supplements are only used when one is ill or the daily intake through regular food is impaired.
And we follow a rule: extra vitamins when the r is in the month.

So each september I look for the latest news in the field of vitamins and I make a choice for my family.
As taking each vitamin would take a handful of pills and not all of my family members would do that every day, I'm researching which are the best multivitamins for the individual family members. Not all have the same needs, so I feel it's a waste to give them something that will leave the body unused.

If necessary I work together with my family doctor on this.

A special day for autism awareness at november 1?

An organisation called for a social network silence to make people aware of how autistic people feel.

I know it's meant well, but promoting autism awareness that way creates a completely wrong understanding of autism.

Austism isn´t a lack of communication, is not living in a silent world.
Not at all.

One could say that autism is living in a world with too much communication and the autist receives too much information to sort it in such a way that he´s able to communicate like other people.

Many people with autism are hypersensitive to either sound or sight. Some are hypersentive to touch or taste.

Imagine you´re listening to normal conversation and you´re flashed in the eyes.
It takes a lot of effort to follow the conversation and you might even give up listening at all.

Organising a day at the social media while flashing lights on the sites from different unexpected angles, and-or generating sounds at random in time and place might provide a far better understanding of autistic perception of the world.

Weight issues

The past months have been extremely stressful and as a result I've gained weight.

I know that at times I eat stress away, which I shouldn't, but irregular eating also was an issue.
Travelling takes a lot of time and results in new times for meals or even skipped meals, and even though I took sandwiches with me, keeping a strict eating schedule was difficult. And it is just that that helps me not to gain weight.

In an attempt to get my weight a bit more acceptable I've looked into ways to realise a better weight now or as soon as possible.
Maybe adding natural fat burners, I thought, to my daily attempts of eating healthy and exercising, would give just that extra bit of motivation to support myself to reach my goal: looking OK at christmas.

Being a bit hesitant because of costs, side effects, safety and long term effects, I didn't buy any product yet.

I haven't made a choice yet.
Reading that there are products that magically change fat into muscle makes me question my body image.

Do I really want to go the way of not accepting the way I look?

Monday, November 1, 2010

Manic Monday #225

It's autumn, what do you like best?

I'm never happy when autumn starts.
Because I love spring and summer so much with all the flowers, green leaves and the songs of the birds, autumn alsways feels like a sad goodbye.

I do love the colours, the smells of the woods, but each leaf that drops makes me feel sad.

Do you eat chestnuts, berries or anything else free to be found in nature? Give us a recipe.

The berries in my garden are very early most years, so when it's autumn I have to find them elsewhere. I love blueberries, but the woods where I know where to find them are rather far away.

We do have some chestnuttrees nearby and this year we found quite a lot of good chestnuts.
I've saved a few to try to make them sprout, so I'm enabled to grow my own tree.

When chestnuts get a bit old...not too old, but when the inner membrane around the fruit gets dry, they'll get a stronger taste.

Peel them, take of the membrane and chop them into tiny parts.
Take fresh spinach or old fashioned lettuce and add a bit of yoghurt as a sauce or dressing.
Pour the chestnuts over it and mix.

Do you have special autumn memories?

Playing in the woods under a roof of golder colours.
Walking with my father..

But one of the best was spsontaneous moment when someone threw me, I was about 18, in a huge pile of leaves like a was just a small little child.
I disappeared completely and was surprised it was warm and comfortable between the leaves. Then a hand caught me and pulled me out.
The air outside the pile was crisp and cold.. I was ready to crawl back... but we had to move on.

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