Saturday, October 23, 2010

What an idea

I needed a good handcream, and as the one I usually use isn't sold anymore, I had to convince myself to buy the handcream which is as good but more expensive.
I don't spend much money on myself.

So we went to the shop and found a huge emtpy space where my hand cream should have been: "white lotus".
It was obvious that the discount of the second one for 50% has been the reason for that.

We asked the shopowner if she had some more in store.

Buying two boxes of papaya smell was not an option, because the smell is too much when I have to go elsewhere.
So I asked her if it was possible to collect the second box next week or so.

She was surprised by the question.
Other shops give a voucher when they have something on offer and it's sold out (unless their offer says: until sold out).

She took a few moments to think and then agreed.

She even thanked me for the idea, whereas she remembered one of the supermarkets does the same.

Well, I'm quite happy with the solution.
My handcream will arrive in two weeks and by them it'll feel like a present.
And I love presents!


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