Sunday, October 31, 2010

The veil is thin

This is the part of the year that people celebrate halloween. They joke to escape from the confrontation of their fears for the dark.

Here, the old pagan ways have been transformed by socalled official religion into days that all souls and all saints are celebrated.

But the old ways are still kept and the customs are spread through the generations.

There's no need to know the date, however.

The morningmist over the fields signals the approach of winter.
The white women.. which is a very kind translation for the old names we call them here, can be seen above the lakes and in the woods.

And we can feel the veil thinning between the realms.

I don't mind to know that my dear ones are only a blink of an eye away.
Sometimes I can sense them so close to me, I can almost touch them.
And do I..? Maybe...? Can I see their shadows in the dark night?


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