Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tomorrow is two

Tomorrow we're going to discuss our complaints about child protection.
I hope they've got all day and the rest of the week.

What needs attention:
  • The way they treated the girls
  • The way they treated us
  • The fact that they knew the endresult of their investigations before stepping in our house.
  • The way they went on building mistakes on mistakes on the mistakes of others
  • The fact that they didn't want to hear the truth.
  • The fact that at the end of their investigation/assessment they discovered we were not members of a dubious sect.
  • The way they turned around what we said.
  • The way they tried to dishonor a therapist, so they were stepping between a client and his therapist. Which is not professional.
  • The fact that they based everything on two teachers who didn't know the girls properly and who had several complaints filed against them by other parents about their lack of interest in the children and
  • the fact that they neglected the official statements from school and even were upset about the fact that they already had their concept ready when school wanted to talk with them.
  • worse: the fact that they left the positive statements about the girls, the official representative from school made, out of the paperwork to the court.
  • The fact that they had their concept ready while we were still trying to get our comments filed in the right file at the first organisation. So they couldn't have taken those into account.
  • The fact that they kept talking during assessment about a family structure that was that of years gone by and not of the present.
  • The fact that they didn't want to talk with the social worker of the boys, which they do under normal circumstances.
  • The fact that their representative in court stated something outside the file and thus her mandate,
  • and the fact that she stated something untrue.
  • The fact that the court was not given proof beyond reasonable doubt, but just opinions with no scientific or other basis beyond reasonable doubt.
and so much more, so much more..........


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