Wednesday, October 6, 2010

That was two

I've never ever been as mad as this morning.

We were supposed to be able to vent our complaints, and the people in front of us were supposed to mediate between us and the team.

Forget it!

I started with a summary and one of the guys tried to summarise that.
I tried to explain things, they pretended not to understand what I was saying.
I gave examples, they didn't let me finish what I wanted to say.
I said something and they interpreted in such a way that it was offensive.

A complete lack of empathy... unbelievable!

These guys were the caricature of the way their teams functioned.

I have never ever been so mad in my life.

These people are sick in their minds.

We experienced on the day that Ina Post was judged to be not guilty that the whole system of child protection is as sad as what happened with this nice lady 24 years ago.
She was pressured into admitting she killed someone. There was no proof at all.
When she felt a bit better she said she didn't commit the crime. Yet she was in jail for 6 whole years and it took many many years to get what she deserved.

I so understand what she went through.

Here I was, trying to make people clear that they had made some serious mistakes and they said the report was right because it was stated in the report what the facts were.
They didn't even understand or refused to understand that they used that false report to state they are right and we are wrong.

Afterwards, in the hallway, a bit of informal talk.
I said I was disappointed by the way the meeting went, and the guy told me he thought it went fine and he would report it that way.
He said it in such a way that his opinion was far more valuable than ours.

Like he was a better person that we are.

Well, at least I would have said sorry that it was felt that way, or I would have shown some other sighn of friendliness.
The guy made us feel we didn't deserve any kindness.

In fact he threatened us, just like his team did, with the police.

Next step is the boss of the organisation.

I wonder what kind of person that is who allows this kind of behaviour under his roof.
Or maybe he's even another step worse???


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