Saturday, October 9, 2010

That was three

... and then we went to this appointment in another town this week.
For a change not to complaint, but to see if that organisation wants to take action on our case by providing therapy.

Until now everyone knows our lives better than we ourselves, and it has been downright disgusting how people have treated us, so all the way in the train I was wondering if I would put up a fight again or just be completely silent, like being on a speaking strike.

We had been forced to go to that organisation, but went ahead and went their in the voluntary stage, and from the first moment it was clear to us that that would be the point from where we would state how things really are, which is completely opposite of what is in the reports about us.

People shouldn't have therapy for things they don't do and for characteristics they don't have and behaviour they don't show.

Like I expected they didn't see any indication.
So: no therapy.

We had the chance to tell part of our experiences which made clear how things could have come this far.
Even though at some times the listener too felt the need to shut us up and even he too wanted to have lots of time to speak his own sentences, he did get the message.
We're a good and normal family and we want our lives back.

He said that maybe it would be good to be in court again to set matters straight.

I wonder.

He will however report back this meeting and their assessment of the case to child protection. Either they will react furiously and come and get the girls, or they will finally see so much evidence mounting that we're not the bad guys they want us to be that they'll back off. Not much chance of the last I think.
They're far too stubborn or insecure to cling to their own mistakes that that they acknowledge their own manipulations and complete nonsensical constructions about us.

When we went home we felt far more rest and far more ourselves than after meetings this last week.

What ordinairy listening can do.


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