Monday, October 4, 2010

That was one

Today was the first meeting about our complaints.

A meagre "sorry" was all we got.
The smiles were abundant and at the time we were kind of OK with the way things were handled. Especially when it was told that the reason we got two guardians was because one was losing her eye-sight and the other was, after two years, still in the learning stages. The one with the eye problems was transfering her experience to the other.

At the meeting I said however that I might take the matter further. Not because I didn't agree with the way things were handled, but because a complaint isn't registered in the official statistics when it's handled at this level.

Right now I'm free from the effects of the smooth talk and I feel we didn't get what we should have gotten.

She only took one of the people from the case, whereas the most intimidating stayed.
And why not a proper guardian, but one who, after two years, isn't able to do his job properly?

So I don't feel happy with it after all.

I have given it the benefit of the doubt, so we'll see how things go, but with an open mind to asking for someone else.

What also bothers me is that the complaint commission summarised my complaint wrong and she had that wrong form.
I have to dive in the paperwork to see if all our remarks have been the subject of conversation.

She asked if we were content, and I was rather blunt in telling her that I trusted people like her before and until now none turned out to have been trustworthy.
That only assessing the facts would enable me to rebuilt some trust.

I don´t do smoothtalk anymore.
But I still have to stop falling into theirs. Ugh!


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